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24 Christine Avenue
Miami, Gold Coast, 4220

(07) 55 765 914

We make Alternative boards, inspired by shapes of days gone by. Our boards are all personally hand-shaped, glassed, and finished by us (Jack Knight + Aaron Knight) from our workshop on the Gold Coast.

Jack has been shaping and designing boards since the 60's. He's seen it all through the 40+ years in the craft and is an endless organic database of anything surf-related. We make and design them together. They are all uniquely and personally handcrafted with the simple aim of having fun and enjoying our ocean.


Watch and Learn

We offer customers a more personal experience by allowing you to be more involved in the creation of their board.

We are a small "grass roots" operation that focuses on building personal surfcraft for individuals.

To compliment this ideology we like to offer our customers the opportunity to be involved as much as possible in the creation process. Watch us in the shaping and glassing bays at any time; creating your board using traditional hand-shaping and glassing techniques, ask any questions you might have and learn a little bit about the art and history of building boards.


We also cater for those who wish to take it a step further and want to pick up the shaping tools themselves, we can arrange an individually tailored step by step program that will allow you to design and shape your own board and have it glassed and finished through our factory.

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