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We make Alternative boards, inspired by shapes of days gone by. Our boards are all personally hand-shaped, glassed, and finished by us (Jack Knight + Aaron Knight) from our workshop on the Gold Coast.

Jack has been shaping and designing boards since the 60's. He's seen it all through the 40+ years in the craft and is an endless organic database of anything surf-related. We make and design them together. They are all uniquely and personally handcrafted with the simple aim of having fun and enjoying our ocean.


Our assortment of tried and tested shapes; custom ordered to to suit the individual.

Free Range


Free Range

from 850.00

Cruisey midlength with a lot of versatility. The wide point has been pulled back to create more hip and curve in the tail, has a lot more maneuverability than a log but still has the trim and glide that the length provides. 

50/50 rails run through to a harder edge in the tail. Concave under the front provides a little more lift and control when walking the board for short trips to the nose. Flat bottom running to a rolled vee in the tail.

Lengths range from 7'4” to 8'6“ Long

Glassing: bottom - 6oz with patches / deck - 6oz full lap + 4oz insert + 3/4 4oz insert

Fibreglass Single Fin with 10" box included in base price

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