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We make Alternative boards, inspired by shapes of days gone by. Our boards are all personally hand-shaped, glassed, and finished by us (Jack Knight + Aaron Knight) from our workshop on the Gold Coast.

Jack has been shaping and designing boards since the 60's. He's seen it all through the 40+ years in the craft and is an endless organic database of anything surf-related. We make and design them together. They are all uniquely and personally handcrafted with the simple aim of having fun and enjoying our ocean.


Our assortment of tried and tested shapes; custom ordered to to suit the individual.




from 750.00

The JPI Single is one of our most popular shapes, a classic single fin feel with the added liveliness of the channel bottom.

The channels begin 12 inches from the nose, starting soft and running on a curving parallel along the rail of the board releasing the water out the tail through subtle flyers. All these elements work together to collect then compress and release the water through the bottom of the board making it faster through the water while the curve eliminates the “tracky” feeling sometimes associated with deep straight channels. 

The concept of the channels is inspired by the legendary Jim Pollard, who first invented them during the 1970’s. Jack shaped these boards alongside Jim under the Fluid Foils label during this era. 

These boards love a clean open face and beckon to be surfed with an emphasis on style and flow with long smooth lines. 

Lengths from 6'2 to 7'2

Glassing: 6oz bottom/ 6oz+4oz top /with extra patches

Fibreglass Single Fin with 10" box included in base price (side fins are extra)

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